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Checklist for Business and Office Moves

Don't Forget These Tasks When Moving an Office or Business. Preparing to move an office or business can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. Preparing is key and ensuring that everything on your list is complete, is essential. Use this quick checklist as a guide to keeping your move on track

Top 5 Mistakes Business People Make When Doing a Move

A quick walk through on mistakes commonly made when moving and how to avoid them.

Office or Commercial Movers - Questions & Answers

Will movers come directly to my storage unit?

Top answer: Yes

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A moving company is required to give the customer a bill of lading before any goods can be transported.

Top answer: True

All movers must assume liability for the value of the goods they transport.

Top answer: True

Am I entitled to a discount if the movers show up late or don't show up at all? (excludes natural disaster(s) and other extenuating circumstances)

Top answer: In some cases

Are moving expenses tax-deductible?

Top answer: In some cases

Are packing services typically included in the cost of moving?

Top answer: Never, it is an additional charge

Can movers transport plants?

Top answer: In some cases

Do I need to remove items from my filing cabinet before moving day?

Top answer: Most of the time

Do most moving companies have a minimum time requirement?

Top answer: Yes

Do most moving companies provide full-value protection for any damaged items?

Top answer: Yes

Do movers typically leave room for negotiation when assessing the cost of a job?

Top answer: Never

Do movers typically provide free on-site estimates?

Top answer: Most of the time

Do moving companies work traditional hours? (Monday through Friday; 9 AM-5 PM)

Top answer: In most cases

Does it cost more to hire a moving company on short notice (less than 1 week)?

Top answer: Some of the time

Does the moving company typically supply the transportation vehicle? (truck, van, etc.)

Top answer: In most cases

How do local movers typically charge for their services?

Top answer: By the hour

How far in advance do I need to reserve movers?

Top answer: 2-4 weeks

If a problem occurs during my move, how long do I have to file a moving claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?

Top answer: Up to 9 months after the move

If I pack my own belongings, am I responsible for any damages that occur during the move?

Top answer: In most cases

If my destination changes after I have booked the movers, will I be charged for changing the location?

Top answer: In some cases

If the movers take a lunch break, will I be charged for the time they are not working?

Top answer: In some cases

Is a moving company responsible for damage to my belongings while in their possession?

Top answer: Yes

Is it important for a moving company to belong to the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association)?

Top answer: Yes

Is "released value protection" typically included in the cost of moving?

Top answer: Always

Is there typically a fee for cancelling a moving reservation?

Top answer: Sometimes

True or False: All office moving companies are required to be a member of American Moving and Storage Association.

Top answer: False

Will a moving company assume liability for articles of extraordinary value? (value exceeds $100 per pound)

Top answer: In some cases

Will a moving company temporarily store my items?

Top answer: Some of the time

Will a moving company transport large appliances?

Top answer: Always

Will movers disassemble furniture?

Top answer: Yes, it is included in the cost of moving.

Will movers take down a TV that is mounted on the wall?

Top answer: No, the TV needs to be removed before moving day.

Will movers take items designated as trash and dispose of them?

Top answer: Some of the time

Will movers transport items packed in trash bags?

Top answer: In some cases

Will movers work in the rain?

Top answer: In most cases

Will moving companies transport alcohol?

Top answer: In some cases

Will "released value" coverage protect the full value of my belongings during a move?

Top answer: No, they are all valued at 60 cents per pound.

Would you recommend hiring a movers that belong to the American Moving and Storage Association?

Top answer: Yes

Would you recommend purchasing an insurance policy from a third-party before moving?

Top answer: In some cases

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